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    Hey friend!  I'm Betsy.  Mom, RN, teacher, blogger and writer of In Case You Need To Know blog.   
    I provide you with the best autism resources to help you and your child live the life you want to live.

    Autism Resources

    Autism Canada Resources

    May 5, 2020

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    Autism Canada Resources

    Hey there Canada! We are bringing you all of the autism spectrum disorder resources we can find. Drop us a line and let us know what other places to include!


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    Autism Community Training


    Autism Canada Test for all ages

    Autism Speaks Canada


    Autism Speaks Canada Connect

    You can do a Canadian search for autism definition and resources here.

    Ready, Willing and Able

    Canada Autism

    Inclusive work site for Canada

    Autism Resource Centre

    This organization offers programs for young adults on the spectrum

    Autism Ontario


    Today’s Parent

    The Most Autism Friendly Town in Canada

    KimmyShop - Monster Party

    Geneva Centre for Autism

    112 Merton Street
    Toronto, Ontario,  M4S 2Z8


    Autism Community Training

    204 – 2735 E Hastings St
    Vancouver, BC
    V5K 1Z8


    Spectrum News

    Autism Awareness Centre

    This page provides a resource finder by region


    Autism Navigator Video Glossary


    34 Berczy Street Aurora, Ontario L4G 1W9


    140 Yonge Street

    Toronto, ON , M5C 1X6

    The University of Calgary

    Sinneave Family Foundation

    A resource for helping with the transition out of school and into adulthood.

    Alberta Supports

    General assistance for family and social support

    Autism Calgary

    Service and support provider for those on the autism spectrum.

    Canary Music Therapy

    Music therapy for kids with autism. This service will come to your home to avoid travelling.

    Calgary Public Library

    Special needs services , materials and programs provided.

    Need more autism resources?

    Check out this post!

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      In Case You Need To Know

      join the facebook community!

      Hey Friend!  I'm Betsy.  Mom, RN, teacher and writer of the In Case You Need To Know Blog.
      I bring you autism resources so that you and your child can live the life you deserve!

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