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    Hey friend!  I'm Betsy.  Mom, RN, teacher, blogger and writer of In Case You Need To Know blog.   
    I provide you with the best autism resources to help you and your child live the life you want to live.


    Autism School

    March 19, 2019

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    Autism School

    School is a huge piece of our lives.  I consider school the work of childhood. It’s important for adults to find a job with a good fit for their schedule, the personality of the job, and the type of work. 

    Schools for our kids are no different.  

    These three things need to fit.



          Appropriate work

    Schedule:   A variety of school day schedules are out there.  

    Traditional:   5 days a week, 8-2

    Late start:   5 days a week, 10-4

    Year round:   45 days in school, 15 days off

    Modified:   half a day off, half a day in school

    School Options

    Traditional school year:    This is your traditional neighborhood school.

    Private school:    Religious, language immersion, special education and others.  Privately funded.  Sometimes selective.

    Montessori:    Schools that highly emphasize exploration and experience in the learning process

    Charter Schools:    Free, but may be selective.  Often have a focus on a certain educational strength ie:  the arts


    The Academy

    11306 County Line Rd, Madison, AL 35756



    The Kendall Centers

    P.O. Box 5157
    Modesto, CA 95352

     (209) 572-2589

    Wings Learning Center

    1201 Main Street
    Redwood City, CA 94063-1930



    The Carrie Brazer Center for Autism and Alternative Approaches, Inc

    7530 Sunset Dr (SW 72 St) Miami, FL 33143

    (305) 271-8790

    Santiago and Friends Family Center for Autism

    8617 E. Colonial Drive
    Suite 1100
    Orlando, FL 32817

    DePaul School of Northease Florida

    3044 S. San Pablo Road  

    Jacksonville Florida United States 32224


    Miami Learning Experience School

    5651 SW 82nd Avenue Rd.

    Miami, FL 33143
    (305) 275-5900
    210 E. Linebaugh Ave.
    Tampa, FL 33612
    1480 S Military Trail
    West Palm Beach, FL 33415
    (561) 434-2788



     8700 E. 29th St. N. 

     Wichita, KS 67226  





    The Help Group

    13130 Burbank Blvd

    Sherman Oaks, CA 91401



    Love To Know

    125 Howard Ave Suite 307
    Burlingame, CA 94010




    National Autism Center

    41 Pacella Park Drive

    Randolph, MA


    (877) 313-3833



    Easter Seals

    141 W Jackson Blvd, Suite 1400A

    Chicago, IL 60604 



    New Jersey


    Eden Autism

    2 Merwick Road
    Princeton, NJ 08540



    Chattanooga Autism Center

    1400 McCallie Avenue, Suite 100

    Chattanooga, TN 37404

    (423) 531-6961 (option 2)


    All States




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    In Case You Need To Know

    join the facebook community!

    Hey Friend!  I'm Betsy.  Mom, RN, teacher and writer of the In Case You Need To Know Blog.
    I bring you autism resources so that you and your child can live the life you deserve!

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